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Hiring Foreign Worker in Singapore

Even as we remain open to foreign manpower to complement  local workforce,all firms must make an effort to consider Singaporeans fairly

HOTLINE: 6842 7605

Looking for a good employment agency in Singapore to hire foreign workers? Uni Recruit is a trusted agency which assists our clients in recruiting and deploying pass holders based on your job requirements. To talk to our recruitment consultant, place your order now !

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Detailed Profiling Service

  • Pre-screening and shortlisting of candidates 

  • Interview (webcam/ face-to-face/ overseas recruitment trip)

One Stop Solution

We offers a full-suite of services to cut down the lengthy hiring process. Our services including;

  •  Work pass application (WP/SP/EP)

  •  Purchase of security bond

  • Sourcing for suitable accommodation

  • Airport pickup, bank account opening, orientation to workplace

  • Renewal of work pass 

  • Cancellation, and repatriation

Foreign Talents from Various Sources

Uni Recruit assists our clients in recruiting candidates from various sources based on company job requirements.


  • Candidates from MalaysiaChina, Vietnam, India, Myanmar, Philippines, Bangladesh, Korea, Taiwan

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