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F&B Staff Hiring

Globally, the hospitality industry is facing a shortage of manpower. Workforce shortage has been a worry for many restaurateurs which would  greatly impact business performance. So where to hire the best restaurant staff in Singapore?

Permanent Staffing

In Uni Recruit, we link employers to a wider pool of F&B talent by matching you with the best fit.  For the past years, we have been assisting a lot of Small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs) owners to battle for the right talents, in order to  grow their businesses to the next level. We work to find the right person that jive with your company’s vision.

Contract/ Ad Hoc Staffing

Today's employees need more alternatives and offering part time work benefits both employers and employees. We help to increase companies' ability to respond to uncertainties and peaks of demands.  We communicate with and manage part-time workers to ensure adequate manpower to improve your operational efficiency.

Free Consultancy

Apart from linking companies with the potential recruits, we do provide free advice and guidance on employment rights and conditions under the Employment Act, in accordance with Ministry of Manpower regulations.  We strive to ensure good workplace practices as well as to adopt fair-employment practices.


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